Digital Marketing Giving businesses a presence for people to interact with, using their devices; while on a path to purchase

The TagPaths Display Network

Meet The leads that are ready to buy.

When shoppers are wanting things, learning about them and searching for them online, they are visiting sites in our display advertising network.

When buyers are looking for information, comparing reviews, and finding a place to buy what you're selling they are visiting publisher sites in our displaying advertising network.

SEO and The TagPaths Listings Network

Get Listed Everywhere, Achieve Top Rankings

The Search Engine Optimization Technology behind the TagPaths Listings Network takes your data and syncs it in real time to our tech partners.

We create and manage your business's listings on the most reputable places on the web. Our partners create links back to your company's website. High Quality backlinks are a cornerstone of a strong SEO plan and make your business seem highly credible to the publishers in our network. The combined effects of our efforts ranks you higher in search.

We Give You Control Over The Information That People See About Your Business Online

Our technology is developed by data scientists and its primary job is correcting and enhancing your company's information. We use the data we manage to keep your digital presence fresh with real-time updates.